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About capitree by Trashinc

Who we are

Capitree by Trashinic uses the platform (company) as an investment community. Capi stands for Capital | Then Tree as for growth as investment interest value.. Hence the tagline (Your Asset, Our Tools). Investments are used in the running of e-commerce. So we have the tools to grow the capital (seed) into a tree with fruits (Interest on the capital)

Choose what you desire

Pricing Plans

15 % in 5 Weeks

24 working days
  • Minimum Investment: N100,000
  • Maximum Investment: N15,000,000

50% every 15 weeks

75 working days
  • Minimum investment: N1,000,000
  • No maximum investment
Did you know that

Capitree by Trashinic is trusted by more than 45000 clients

So we have a network of sellers & also sell products (all round category; gadgets sales etc) by ourselves. As at 15th of July our community was at 45,520

We don’t trade Forex or any other thing than eCommerce.

We are sure no matter what you invest now, you will top it because we will be worth your trust

There’s are no specified amount to invest.
Its all up to you as to how much you want to invest

Did you also know

Capitree is a subsidiary
of Trashinic

Trashinic is built to be the first interactable eCommerce platform on WhatsApp, it started January 4th 2020.Trashinic is a community of sellers with 45k+ active users.
Money invested is used to complete pending orders made via things we sell personally.

Success Stories

what we have done
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Customer Satisfaction

Clients’ Testimonials

  • Capitree is by far the best investment company ever. I was skeptical at first but after trying it out two times, I am definitely going for the third one.

  • It’s been a wonderful thing investing with capitree, ’cause I wasn’t even scared at all, and I’m glad my experience so far with capitree . I’m definitely investing again.

  • Thank you so much capitree, I believe and have faith in your investment plan. Your company is so reliable, no investment package can give one such percentage increase. I’m still interested in doing business with your company again.

  • I appreciate your full sincerity. It’s really a great platform to invest, this is the first genuine platform with 100% payment assurance.


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